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As a user, I want better integration with Confluence

*As a* TM4J user
*I want* better integration with Confluence
*So that* I can display reports in Confluence and add links between test cases/cycles/plans and Confluence pages.

For any feedback, please add your comments below in the style above, so we can figure out what improvements you'd like to see and why :)


  • Cristiano Caetano
  • Jul 6 2020
  • Gathering Interest
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  • Frank Rahde commented
    15 Oct 07:34pm

    Wow, 26 votes, but only "Gathering interest"?!

  • Isabelle Strigun commented
    12 Oct 10:50am

    In the testcase tab "traceability" i am able to link a Confluence page - if so, there is no bidirectional link, meaning that on the linked Confluence page I dont see the link to the testcase - this would be a valuable function.

  • +5